About The Product

China Clay, which falls under the Kaolinite group of clays, is formed by weathering or hydrothermal alteration of felspathic rocks. It has the general formula Al 2 , (Si 2 O 5 )(OH) 4 . It is a hydrated alumino-silicate having sheet structure. Free Silica (grit) is the most undesirable impurity and is removed during processing by levigation, sedimentation or air-separation.


CAT 001

This grade has whiteness unmatched by any other clay available worldwide. It has low bulk-density, plasticity & near zero grit content. It has very high wettability, dispensability in non-aqueous solvents. Some of these applications are in: -

Due to its whiteness it is used to extend and partially replace titanium dioxide. The low bulk density facilitates lower concentration per volume.
Molded parts, lining, flaps, as anti-sticking agent in thread rubber.
As a body filler and for coating.
Due to whiteness, fineness and low B.D. it can replace ppt. CaCO 3 in many applications e.g. Hawaii Footwear Straps.
As a filler in various technical formulations.

CAT 002

This grade is remarkable for its purity, very high fineness, whiteness and easy dispensability. It conforms to I.P. standards for Kaolin due to chemical purification and freedom from heavy metallic impurities. Besides the applications mentioned for CAT-052 it can be used as a filler/diluent in Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed, Food Products, Marine Food Preservation & Cosmetics.



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