It is a natural Barium Sulphate having good whiteness. It is used as filler due to its high bulk density, insolubility in water, resistance to acids and alkalies, low abrasiveness to under coats.


Properties Unit Value
  Bulk Density gm/cc 1.4-1.6
  Whiteness (Compared to MgO) 0% 96 +/- 2
  Moisture % max 0.5
  Water Absorption % 12-15
  pH of 5% aqueous   slurry -- 9.2 9.5
  Specific Gravity -- 4.5
  Refractive Index -- 1.63
  BaSO4 % 98-99
  SiO2 % max. 0.2
  Fe2O3 % 0.02-0.05
  Residue on 500 mesh % max. 0.5
  Average particle size micron 4-5
  Packing Kgs/bag 25

End Application:

      Linoleum Flooring




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