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Mgo % 32.3 32.3
SiO2 % 66.5 66.5
Fe2O3 % 0.5 0.5
CaO % 1.6 1.6
Al2O3 % 0.5 0.5
Whiteness % 93 98
Melting Point °C 1300-1400 1300-1400
Sp. Gravity -- 2.75 2.75
Bulk Density gm/cc 0.53 0.53
pH of 10% acq. Soln. -- 9.30 9.30
Oil Absorption % 35.00 35.00
Avg. Particle Size Micron 4 to 6 4 to 6
Moisture % 0.50 0.50
PACKING :25 Kgs/bag: In new laminated H.DP.E. bags with loose polythene liner inside.
End Applications
  • As a filler in paper, rubber, foam and plastics.
  • In Talcum and face powders, ointments and pastes.
  • As an extender in paints.
  • For making soft pencils, for making glass, fabrics and metals.
  • In textile industry as an absorbing agent for bleaching cotton, removing grease spots etc.
  • To make high voltage insulators, glazes, acid and alkali proof vessels rain water piping etc.
  • In anti corrosion pigments.
  • As nucleating agent in production of Polymers.

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