The raw material for Micro-Mineral Catca product is the mineral Musco-vite a hydrous silicate of potassium and Aluminium. Catca is characterized by its perfect cleavage and even when micronised. The platy particle shape is maintained.
Catca with its typical lamellar particle structure is primarily useful wherever a high rate of resistance against chemicals, heat and ultra violet light is required. Hence is ideal for external paint and anti-corrosion paints such as marine paint. It promotes a matt finish and acts as an anti-cracking agent as well as helps to control paint flow and enhances scrub resistance.

 Product Name             Catca.


 ChemicalFormula          KAl 2 ( AlSi 3 O 10 )( OH ) 2
 Grade                          Musco-vite
 Specific Gravity            2.85
 Moh's Hardness           


 Refractive Index  


 pH Value              9.5

Chemical Composition :

  % by Mass

SiO2  51.5


K2O  10.0




L O I  


Physical Properties :

 X-tra Fine

 Oil Absorption (g/100g)    25

  Bulk Density (g/l)        

 Brightness (%)               78

The Micro Minerals are completely dry when bagged and none of them are hygroscopic. Any moisture content in the micro-minerals is due to existing relative humidity in the atmosphere.

Particle Size Distribution :

Fineness X-tra Fine


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