We are the global leaders today in the manufacture of precipitated calcium silicates having following unique properties:
a. Very High Water / Oil Absorption
Upto 600% has been achieved and efforts are in progress to achieve the 800% mark. Most competing products have water-absorption upto 300% maximum only.
b. Very Low Bulk Densities
Upto 0.04 gm/cc has been achieved whereas competing products have 0.12 gm/cc minimum.
c. Very High Surface Areas
Upto 600 m2/gm has been achieved.
Precipitation is carried out in microprocessor controlled batch reaction vessels, followed by filler-presses/vaccum filters and flash/spray driers and finally micro-mill with classifier for micronization wherever required.
CATOSIL precipitated silicas having high absorption capacities can be used to provide one or several of the following properties:
  Free - flow   Anticaking   Reinforcement   Rheology Control
  Thixotropy   Flatting   Insulation   Suspension
  Carrying Agent   Matting   Lightness   Inert filler
  For improvement in the suspension power and as a carrier for the active igredients, specially malathion, acephate and isoproton based formulations.
  For improvement of free-flow characteristics and storage stability.
  As a grinding auxillary.
Pesticides Industry is one of the largest consumers for CATOSIL NK grades which Provide excellent results and improve quality.

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