Improvement in free-flow properties and storage stability of table salt, spices etc.
Anticaking of milk extenders and fat concentrates, feedstuff urea & mineral mixtures. Conversion of 75% acqueous choline chloride solution into stable 50% powder form.
Conversion of liquid active substances into powder form, e.g. ethoxyquin, flavours & fragrances.
Conversion of liquids to free flowing powder form (e.g. SP antioxidant & other rubber chemicals).
As a grinding aid (e.g. with sulphur).
For anti-caking & free flow. (e.g. Detergents).
To provide reinforcement properties in PP, PVC, PE and Polystyrene based master batches.
As an anti-blocking agent in blown films & foils.
Improvement in the mechanical characterstics of PVC flooring.
With Phenol + melamine resins for anti-caking during storage and improvement in dosing properties of molding compounds.
Auxillary during production of polychloroprene based adhesives.
With thermoplastic rubber for reduction in abrasion and increase in dimensional heat stability.
Reinforcement of Natural, SBR, Silicone, EVA, Nitrile, EPDM & other rubbers.
Liquid Systems
Due to high surface area they function as clarifying and adsorption agents (e.g.beverages).
To adjust rheology and provide reinforcement.
Greases / Lubricants
For rheology control.
Paint, Dyes & Printing inks
As a flatting / matting agent to reduce gloss or as a filler.
Paper Industry
Provides lightness, whiteness & improves mechanical properties.
Toothpaste & Polishes
As a mild abrasive and for rheology control.
As a processing aid in tabletting & pelletizing.
For rheology control.

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