CATONE CLAY-An organically modified superior rheological additive

CATONE CLAY is a conventional yet supeior organic derivative of a selectively processed natural bentonite clay complex CATONE CLAY is an effective, high performance,easy to disperse rheological additive suitable for intermediate to low polarity organic systems and multipurpose applications.


Composition Organophillic clay derivatives
Form Fine powder
colour Creamish
Moisture(% max) 4
Finess-200 Mesh(% min) 95
Industrial paints Anti-corrosive paints
Automotive finishes Aerosol paints
Interior & Exterior House paints Plastisols,Organosols
Mould release agents Primers
Adhesives Mastic compounds
Printing Inks Sealants
Ease of incorporation and dispersion
Enhanced rheological characteristics
No hard settling and sagging
Prevents flooding and excessive penetration
smooth application and uniform coat surface
prevent film cracking and allows thicker coats
compatible with a wide range of aliphatic and aromatic blended solvents



CATONE CLAY in low polarity organic systems require high speed shear and the addition of a predetermined chemical activator(polar additive)for complete dispersion and optimum gelation (formation of a gel structure)

CATONE CLAY can be introduced effectively
1)As a dry powder for in-situ gelation
2)Predispersed in the resin/solvent premix with the activator(optimized)

3)As an optimized pregell of higher concentration as required or for post correction of the flow properties of the paint with adequate shear.

The level of CATONE CLAY depends on the individual system in which it is to be used.For the house paints and industrial paints,typical levels of additionals are 0.2% to 0.8% for a road paints 0.6% to 1% based on the total system weight in synthetic resin system,0.5% to 1.5% are recommended.