Additives & Speciality Chemicals

We offer Additives and Speciality Chemicals such as Defoamers, Organic Dispersing Agents – Aqueous, Non-Aqueous, Anti Floating Agents, Wax Emulsions, Wetting & Dispersing Agent, Water Repellent Additive & Emulsifies etc. having wider applications in various industries including Chemical Processing Industry, Paint & Inks Industry, Paper and Pulp Industry, Dyes and Pigments Industry, Effluent Treatment Industry and many more…

Sr. No. Main Application & Characteristics
A Economical & Effective Defoamer. It is an emulsion of Activated Silicon Oil with blend of proprietary surfactants. It not only burst the foams but controls re-generation of Foam.
B 100% Active Mineral Oil Based Defoamer. It is suitable for chemical process of mild acidic to high alkalinity. In addition to destroying Foam.
  Organic Dispersing Agents - Aqueous
C It is a Sodium Salt of Acrylic Homopolymer based dispersing agent.(Sodium Polyacrylate, Na Salt) For Inorganic Pigments, Fillers.
D Ammonium Polyactylate. It is better performing product against item No. C
E Eco Friendly Dispersing Agent for making Pigment Paste. Effective at low dosage level. Suitable for all Organic Pigments. (APEO Free)
  Organic Dispersing Agent - Non Aqueous
F Dispersent, Anti-Settling, Anti-Sagging Agent, Polymeric Polyamide Salt, Electroneutral, Multi compatibility – Performs better at low dosage level.
G Dispersent, with 90% Active Content. Synergist extract of Oil Derivative Solubilized Ether Alcohol. Improves color value of the Pigment.
  Anti Floating Agent
H Synergist proprietory blend of Silicon Oil and Aliphatic Cyclohexyl compound that improved Mar. Resistance and Anti-Floating properties.
  Flow & Levelling Agent
I Specially designed Acrylic Polymer to impart desired Flow and Levelling to Aqueous Coatings
  Anti Setling Agent
J Helps eliminate/reduce heavy settling/sedimentation in coatings.
K A mixture of Surfactants blended in Pine Oil. Permits water incorporation in Oil Based Coating Systems. It is recommended for High PVC Paints like Primers, Oil Based Putty etc.
  Pe Wax Emulsion
L Wax Emulsion used in Aqueous formulations
  Wetting Agent
M High Efficiency Wetting Agent for Pearl Pigments (For Gold, Silver , Copper Aqueous Paints)
  Water Repellent Additive
N Based on modified Silicon Resin and Polysiloxane, Water Thinnable, Solvent Free Emulsion. Suitable for manufacture of Aqueous masonry coatings and aqueous primers to enhance water repellency , water resistance and water vapor permeability .
  Bitumen Emulsifier
O It is non-ionic surfactant derived from natural oil. A General purpose emulsifier and forms stable emulsion.
  Single Additive For Aqueous Coatings
P It is a combination of Proven Additives such as System Stabilizer, Wetting & Dispersing Agent, Anti Fungus, Anti Bacteria, Freeze Thaw Stabilizer as to get quality Aqueous Paints.

Customized products are also available as per request.
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