CATOFAST Series of High Performance Pigments

High Performance Pigments have become increasingly important in recent years, with a growth rate well in advance of the classical types of pigments.

The manufacture of High Performance Pigments is today a global industry.

CATOFAST range of High Performance Pigments allow for excellent recoatability as well as providing excellent solvent, weather and light fastness.

It exhibits highest tinting strength plus excellent brilliance due to easy dispersibility. Excellent over-painting as well as outstanding fastness properties to light, weather, solvent and heat makes these high performance grades.

Our High Performance Pigments provides better resistance properties and its versatility comes with environmentally friendly features making it suitable for various applications used for outdoor applications like Automotive coatings, Exterior House Paint and Outdoor signs.

C.I. Number
Pigment Yellow 62
Pigment Yellow 138
Pigment Yellow 139
Pigment Yellow 151
Pigment Yellow 154
Pigment Yellow 168
Pigment Yellow 183
Pigment Yellow 191
Pigment Yellow 191:1
Pigment Red 122
Pigment Red 177
Pigment Red 254
Pigment Red 264
Pigment Orange 16
Pigment Orange 64
Pigment Blue 60