CATION Series of Fine Pastes.

Cation Fine Pastes are fine dispersions of Organic & Inorganic Pigments in Aqueous medium without any resin and binder. All our pastes are azo free, Formaldehyde free and APEO free. They can be easily blended with each other in suitable proposition for getting desired shades.

Our CATION fine pastes are well known for High Tinctorial value, Brightness & Excellent Fastness properties. CATION Fine pastes are most suitable for coloration of Emulsion Paints and also other application such as wood stairs, lakes & soaps etc.

6% Shade 2% Shade Commercial Name C.I. No TDS
Cation Yellow 1001 Pigment Yellow 1
Cation Yellow 1003 Pigment Yellow 3
Cation Yellow 1074 Pigment Yellow 74
Cation Yellow 1083 Pigment Yellow 83
Cation Orange 1005 Pigment Orange 5
Cation Orange 1013 Pigment Orange 13
Cation Orange 1034 Pigment Orange 34
Cation Red 1003 Pigment Red 3
Cation Red 1008 Pigment Red 8
Cation Red 1010 Pigment Red 210
Cation Red 1012 Pigment Red 112
Cation Red 1022 Pigment Red 122
Cation Red 1054 Pigment Red 254
Cation Red 1070 Pigment Red 170
Cation Violet 1019 Pigment Violet 19
Cation Violet 1023 Pigment Violet 23
Cation Blue 1015 Pigment Blue 15:0
Cation Blue 1016 Pigment Blue 15:3
Cation Green 1007 Pigment Green 7
Cation Black 1007 Pigment Black 7

Disclaimer: Above Shades/Colors are generated electronically and are only meant for Guidance.

Flushes Pigments

We also have complete range of Flushes Pigments ( Pigment Paste Dispersion) most commonly used by Offset Ink makers to product Ink for Heatsets, ColdSet & Sheetfed Applications. It departs high gloss, excellent setting speed & wide range of vehicle compatibility.

Available Colors :

  • Pigment Yellow 12
  • Pigment Blue 15:3
  • Pigment Red 57:1

Please contact us at for Specification for above products